Reviews: Testimonials from some of our students.

The instructors were helpful and easy to understand! A very good experience.
R. Baucum - Penn Valley, California
Thank you! I am living proof that your system works. Passed both exams on the 1st try with ease.
W. Thomas Jr. - Watsonville, California
You made the process easy, with no stress! Ryan was professional, friendly, and helpful. Thanks a lot.
J. Peabody - Corning, CA

You guys made it easy to pass the test. I was able to take the test, go over it completely & still had an hour left. Thank you.
B. Denton - Santa Cruz, California
Passed my tests on … “April Fools Day” so I was not sure what to expect! Everything went well. I could NOT have passed without this program. Thanks again.
C. Haufler - Santa Rosa, CA
The study material was great and the instructors were awesome! …passed my exam first try!!!
J. Turnbow - Ukiah, California

I recently attended your school and took the state exam for a class B contractor’s license. I attended your class in May, May 20 & 21. I took the state exam the following day, May 22nd, and passed both exams; business law and general B. I passed both on my first try. Additionally, I completed both exams in just under 3hrs (hour and half each exam).

I owe my success to your school. I actually knew more than I expected but without your classes I never would have passed. I wanted to let you know that I think your school and methods of learning are EXCELLENT!!!!! I was stressed and overwhelmed with all the info on the business law. I did not think there was any way I would retain all that info, especially since we went straight to the trade portion the next day. I was confident I would pass the trade exam and certain I would fail the business law. I had already prepared myself with an understanding I would fail the law and have to retest once I had properly studied the material. With that mindset, I was less stressed when I took the exams and comfortably worked my way through them.

I would also like you to know that I contacted your school that Monday … to enroll. I did not enroll 2 wks prior to my test date and did not get the CD’s and binder to study from prior to attending the two day course. A lot of the guys in my class had already listened to hours of CD’s and read the binder cover to cover. Again, seeing how much these guys studied and realizing the course was a review of the information I was supposed to have already studied, I was sure I would fail the law exam. However, thanks to your classes, I was able to pass both exams with only two days of review. I had done no previous studying whatsoever prior to taking your classes. Your methods and material were RIGHT ON! I would recommend your school to anyone interested in getting their contractor’s license.

I don’t know if you guys receive any feedback from other students, but I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your school. Feel free to use this letter or pass this along.

C. Sittinger - Vacaville, California