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License Instruction Schools Guarantee

License Instruction Schools guarantees that our students will pass the California state contractor’s exam on the first attempt or the tuition will be refunded.

License Instruction Schools will even pay the $60.00 state re-exam fee if a student fails the test after attending our class.

Terms and Conditions: If the student fails only one part of the exam, only the tuition for that part will be refunded. License Instruction Schools also agrees to pay the state rescheduling fee ONCE if the student fails either the law or the trade part of the exam, should the student choose to retake the state exam (this amount cannot exceed $60.00). This guarantee is void if the student does not request a refund in writing, along with a copy of the Notice of Failure To Pass Examination issued by the state, within 60 days from the state exam taken immediately following the class. This guarantee is also void if the student does not attend the 2-day (16 hour) class or the 1-day (8 hour) class if the student is only enrolled for just the law or just the trade course. This guarantee is also void if the student fails to appear for the state exam scheduled at the time the student attends class. Refunds will be sent to the student within 30 days of the date of the request. I understand that I may request a refund or attend subsequent classes but I may not do both. Law materials must be returned with law refund request. This guarantee excludes any fees paid for online study which is optional and separate from tuition. Fees for online study are non-refundable