A-General Engineering Contractors License


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A – General Engineering Contractors License

This classification covers a lot of trades and many different applications. Unlike a B – General Building license, you cannot build a residential home with an A license, depending on the function of the home. If it is part of a utility plant or other similar application, you may be able to do it with this classification. See the broad range of things you can do with a General Engineering license below. However, most A-licensed contractors are heavy equipment operators engaged in earth moving and trenching. Backhoes, bulldozers, etc., but it includes building bridges, reservoirs, power plants and a lot more.

The California Contractors State License Board describes the A – General Engineering Classification License as:

A general engineering contractor is a contractor whose principal contracting business is in connection with fixed works requiring specialized engineering knowledge and skill, including the following divisions or subjects: irrigation, drainage, water power, water supply, flood control, inland waterways, harbors, docks and wharves, shipyards and ports, dams and hydroelectric projects, levees, river control and reclamation works, railroads, highways, streets and roads, tunnels, airports and airways, sewers and sewage disposal plants and systems, waste reduction plants, bridges, overpasses, underpasses and other similar works, pipelines and other systems for the transmission of petroleum and other liquid or gaseous substances, parks, playgrounds and other recreational works, refineries, chemical plants and similar industrial plants requiring specialized engineering knowledge and skill, powerhouses, power plants and other utility plants and installations, mines and metallurgical plants, land leveling and earthmoving projects, excavating, grading, trenching, paving and surfacing work and cement and concrete works in connection with the above mentioned fixed works.

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